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Secure Suite. Hosted Email collaboration suite with full synching with Outlook and all smartphones for email, contacts, calendar and tasks. The nice thing about EagleFiler is that you can open separate files for separate projects. Despite its unprepossessing version number, EagleFiler 1. May - NoodleMac does a short review of EagleFiler:. Remarkably useful and elegant personal information manager. Stores and retrieves almost anything; email, snippets, URLs, photos, images, documents, files, whatever. Simple design, highly flexible organization.

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May - Web Worker Daily writes:. Coupled with a copy of EagleFiler and a cheap shredder, it gets me as close to the paperless office as I ever expect to get. January - InformationWeek reviews EagleFiler:. EagleFiler provides a simple way to keep track of documents, images, e-mails, and Web pages. Unlike other outliners, it uses the standard Mac filesystem and applications to help futureproof your data.

I like the user interface. Unlike some of the other data management programs, EagleFiler seeks to organize all of your data. You can drop just about anything into it, including mail, Web pages, PDF files, word processing documents, and images. August - Circle Six Design :.

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This app seems to have existed under the radar for a little while now, but I thought it was time to give it a try. Fantastically useful, especially since it saves all Web pages, PDFs etc in on your hard drive, not in a proprietary format. I use it to keep track of Comments I make on blogs and forums, and email messages I write to my writing students.

EagleFiler stores files individually, in dedicated folders, and uses an SQL database to manage files and their contents.

This meets my criteria for separate storage, and ensures that I can get files out of the application in the same format that they went in, because EagleFiler does not alter the formats. She ends up choosing EagleFiler , in part because:. It also gives me simple data exchange between the two applications, without keeping duplicate copies of documents, and wasting disk space.

March - IT-Enquirer writes:. The developer has done an excellent job of integrating it with the rest of the operating system. Suppose we added yet more item types to the hierarchy, and we made them active, and we allowed them to have drags to assign or change behavior. I claim to have invented this and have explored all sorts of different behavior. If you drag a file in EagleFiler to one of the tags which exists in the same source list as other folders the file gets assigned that tag.

Tags are user-defined and have an icon or badge associated with them. I was very impressed. It is more flexible than Yojimbo.

October - Daniel Jalkut reviews EagleFiler 1. While other apps do a great job of storing your information, you are not so free to dump the contents out on the floor and go rummaging through them. With EagleFiler, you can empty the filing cabinet before you burn it. EagleFiler Press This page lists some of the significant EagleFiler reviews and recommendations in the press.

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March - Mac reviews EagleFiler: Behold! April - Gavin Naquin recommends EagleFiler: EagleFiler has so many attributes that make it the perfect application to organize your paperless office that it requires a series of articles to cover, however, it is as easy as a Mac to use! February - Macworld recommends EagleFiler: The app keeps everything organized for you, making your entire archive—which you can also encrypt for added security—completely taggable and searchable for future reference. January - Jesse Liberty recommends EagleFiler: Drag just about anything in and find it fast when you need it.

May - Mac recommends EagleFiler: A few years ago [my wife] turned me on to a Mac app which archives files, makes it easy to archive files, but just as easy to find what gets archived. AppStorm recommends EagleFiler: Turns out Eaglefiler has one of the fastest searches among the applications listed in this article. December - Vincent Danen at TechRepublic writes: I am a complete and total pack rat, and I love how EagleFiler lets me organize all of my digital things, and I also appreciate how it allows me to access that data from anywhere, and from any application.