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For those who don't need the full Windows environment, if emulation will get the job done, it seems a no-brainer. I'm going to give it a try for one of our people, and perhaps will not have to buy another Windows license.

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That was really the only reason I used, and bought, CrossOver. I called them to confirm my surprise and disbelief. Like 3. So true This was the purpose of CrossOver for us, now it's useless. You bought Crossover to use Internet Explorer??? This is not necessarily a bad thing.

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In effect, some businesses get off Internet Explorer for the issues it introduces. Why do you think that's a joke? Do you have any other ideas? Not a joke. There are some companies, government agencies and web sites that require Internet Explorer. No other web browser will be accepted. When I encounter such a situation, firing up Crossover 13 and IE works well. Worked well… now that Crossover version 14 killed IE compatibility, I'm simply sticking with v It's not even necessary to bring in SAAS or government agencies as example.

It already commences with Outlook Web Access. The correct right-click appearance will only be displayed in Internet Explorer, all other browsers are just showing the normal right-click popup. Applying for FEMA disaster relief is one of them. I still don't use Opera every day but at least now I know It is a great emergency can opener I can pick up - when I have to. I sure am glad I've never needed Internet Explorer. I haven't come across a web site that requires it not that I can remember, anyway but if I did I would mutter "get stuffed" and leave.

You might be right there.

Wine Reviews : CrossOver Games Supports New Games and Snow Leopard

My experience of Crossover's support is that the developers are limited by how much they can do to imitate certain dll extnesions used by Microsoft Window and third-party applications. CrossOver support claims some of the reasons for applications crashing is because certain extensions are the intellectual property of Microsoft understandable since this behemoth of a company must make a profit selling Windows, right?

Also, it costs the CrossOver developers thousands of dollars I've been quoted a phenomenal amount to find a solution and provide an equivalent. If you have games and or fairly old commercial work-related applications perhaps with the exception of Microsoft Office since the developers need people to see the advantage of running it on CrossOver to make their bread-and-butter through its version limited license fee , you have a better chance of getting support if the demand is there by enough people.

If not, you can quite easily waste your money on this application as any improvements to CrossOver over time are not significant enough to see new commercial software applications run properly, but mainly to fix up a few bugs in certain games played on CrossOver and maybe a handful of other applications. Don't get too excited with CrossOver.

CrossOver developers' always recommend that you run the trial version first and all the applications you need to run on it. And that means testing all the essential functions you will need to do in those applications. If the functions work for a long time, go purchase CrossOver. Then you will know that your PC applications will run properly and with stability. There is always someone who forgets that there are MacBook Pro Retina.

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  • Effortlessly run Windows software on Mac with CrossOver!

Voluntarily or involuntarily This program is unusable for me. I have no idea what you are talking about. You cannot blame CrossOver when your Windows software only appears scaled up. Like 4. Ok, you're right, but nobody says about the results that make the product limited to begin from the icons of office. I also say that the program is great, but fortunately I switched to mac 10 years ago for these reasons too.

Thanks for such an in-depth review. I came here, curious, because this software is part of a Bundlehunt deal and I'd never heard of Crossover. It sounds particularly good for people who have switched from Windows to Mac but I'm still bemused. I've used a Mac for 28 years and I've yet to come across an application that I desperately wanted but which was available only for Windows.

I'd like to buy it, but I can only run PhotoshopCS2. I had hoped this know issue would have been addressed at the Codeweaver forums. This app is like magic, makes non-compatible Windows applications like Visio function correctly under OSX.

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Crossover under the cover uses WINE for translation, but the UI they have put on top of it, plus the value added features like CrossTie make this an invaluable application for me. Lots of problem. Stuck installing a bottle. Stuck in windows app. Then I try to trash it using appcleaner.

I polly need reinstall Maverick.

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If you are having problems with our software I encourage your to contact our support ninjas. They will be able to walk you through any troubles you might be having. Codeweavers does a poor job of explaining how their upgrade system works. Crossover I suppose it won't run on Mavericks as well. I'll be sticking with version Not a fair review. New version probably works great on other systems. Probably my system. Good option for old windows games.

No matter what I've tried I cannot get I have deleted everything twice, including bottles. If I try to make a new bottle with I cannot even get into the control panel to change the graphics rendering on any bottle. Once I did everything over using For this and other software compatibility issues, I will not be going to Mavericks any time soon. This promo code is valid until March 31st Upgrade to OSX Apps and games no longer load under Crossover Worked fine in previous versions.

I hope they fix this soon so I don't have to remove it since it has become useless. What's with the ugly "winloader32" icon that launches in the Dock each time I run CrossOver?? How can I prevent it from showing up? Just bought the latest version and can't register ti. Keep getting: Your support contract is not valid for this product.

You may need to purchase a support extension or an additional license. So I can't rate it because I can't use it. What I take away from the message you've received are these two options: Did your license expire? Are you using more seats than your license allows? You can't rate something 1 star if your license expired, that's your issue.

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Revert back to the last version your license is valid for and it sounds like your problems will be solved. That'd be great if it can support Microsoft Visio with gold medal. Just bought crossover 12 via macupdate promo, and it's impossible to register it I keep trying but it seems that the serial given by macupdate is not recognized by crossover.

Does I have to wait or is this a bug in the process? Download a new version Had the same problem - registration now has worked after updating to recent Crossover version I confirm that it's working after updating to I've just bought crossover Until now i was a happy user of crossover 10 which was splitted into two apps: crossover and crossover games. After instalation crossover 12 finds bottles from crossover 10 but not from crossover games.

How to import games bottles into new version? Games bottles are on external drive and I don't want to change their location if it's possible. Sorry for my English - it is not my native laguage.

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Having just purchased Crossover via MacUpdates Promo, it wont register To registration asks for your Codeweaver login details Anyway now I have setup a Codeweaver account, you guessed it It still wont register It is this kind of senario, that I aways fear when not purchasing directly from the software developer.

Hello Karlos, I'm using mac OS Yes, at last it is working MacUpdate only send you the serial code Having made your purchase, and received your serial code. Go to www.