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When such headphones are plugged in to the Mac, the Input tab automatically updates to use the external microphone connected to what the Mac describes as the Microphone port, even though the Mac refers to the same port as the Headphone port on the Output tab, so that's a little confusing. Typically, though, the built-in Internal Microphone will prove the only option. But if you've connected a USB microphone, for example, you can confirm the device's proper operation by reviewing the Input tab. You may also need to access the specific audio application's Preferences to select the USB microphone, should your Mac default to using the computer's built-in microphone.

The Sound pane's Input tab presents a slider bar for setting the input volume. A corresponding input level meter is present, too, which displays audio input level in real time. Depending upon the mic you use, an option to Use Ambient Noise Reduction may prove available, too. Checking the box prompts the Mac to capture less background noise. Incidentally, the output volume slider bar is displayed at the bottom of the Input tab, which, while counterintuitive, often proves convenient.

The Sound pane's Input tab enables confirming proper microphone operation, monitoring mic input levels, and setting mic input volume. Last, users seeking to adjust a Mac's built-in equalizer for iTunes audio playback will quickly become frustrated seeking the equalizer controls within Sound System Preferences. The equalizer is specific to iTunes and must be accessed from within the application. Adjust iTunes's equalizer by clicking Window from the iTunes menu bar and selecting Equalizer when using iTunes version Whether you need iPhone and Mac tips or rundowns of enterprise-specific Apple news, we've got you covered.

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5.1 surround for Mac Users

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Turn it up to 11: How and when to use OS X's advanced audio controls

Beyond the PC: Lenovo's ambitious plan for the future of computing. Straight up: How the Kentucky bourbon industry is going high tech. Jan 9, PM in response to parker In response to parker This was just the name of the one I used. Jan 9, PM.

How To Set Default Audio Output To Surround Sound In VLC Player

Hi here. I have had the same problem but have fixed it so hope this works for you. You can then select Configure Speakers, Multichannel and 5.

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When testing the speakers you may have to use the drop downs under each speaker to change the numbers for which speaker is where. Good luck :- hope it works. Sep 16, AM. Page content loaded. Jan 9, AM in response to parker In response to parker Jan 9, AM. Mar 8, PM in response to parker In response to parker Mar 8, PM. Jul 6, PM in response to parker In response to parker So when using a program such as Logic Pro in which you can mix 5.

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  5. Jul 6, PM. Jul 8, PM in response to parker In response to parker If I go to the speaker settings and select multi channels the 5. Jul 8, PM. Jul 20, AM. Aug 11, PM. Aug 20, AM. Sep 16, AM in response to rafaelcg84 In response to rafaelcg Jan 7, AM in response to parker In response to parker I have a follow-up question to this original post I haven't tried any of this yet since I just ordered a new iMac and haven't received it yet, but will definitely try it out once it arrives on my cheap RCA receiver haha.

    I know it has poor reviews on Walmart, but honestly, I've had this for about a year now and absolutely no complaints. If configured properly, the device works flawlessly. Not the best speakers, but not bad Definitely loud.

    Multichannel Output versus Pass-through

    Just don't know if it'll work with the new computer. This is my only reason for wanting to output in 5. Jan 7, AM. Feb 15, AM in response to waldo In response to waldo I have been able to output 5. This setup is via PCM 5. It works great. If you want to play your edited exported movies from Final Cut Pro x in surround then it gets a bit tricky. I export the movie with FCPX as master video with the 5. This is great because handbreak folds the 5.

    So if you have an Apple TV it will play the movie with its surround track. If you play the same HandBreak compressed movie out of your Mac via hdmi to your surround amp it will only play the stereo track if you are using iTunes or QuickTime and I believe this is because of copy protect and Dolby license issues. Once you set your Mac up for 5. Feb 15, AM. Thanks for the response! I haven't been able to output in 5.

    I guess I can fool around with it. It may be due to my TV actually being hooked up to the receiver at the same time as the iMac, so instead of just decoding audio, the computer thinks I'm trying to use my TV as an external monitor which only uses two channel audio. In fact, now that I'm writing this I think that's my issue. I'll play around.

    Speaker Setup Guide

    Anyway, even if I'm only able to get two channel audio, everything still sounds great using the speakers!