What is my time capsule mac address

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If your network drive is protected, enter your username and password. Type defaults write com. Type ifconfig en0 grep ether and press enter. Your MAC address is the character string consisting of six pairs of hexadecimal digits separated by colons. This will create a gigabyte sparse bundle; to create a sparse bundle of a different size replace g with a different value. This will copy the sparse bundle to the network drive, and will take several seconds. This will delete the copy of the sparse bundle on your computer. Learn how to reset your UofL password or get password assistance.

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Deploying My Time Capsule (A Small Network Update)

Cellular UofL maintains contracts with several cellular vendors for discounted services for faculty,staff and students. Draytek also have a very good record of notifying customers and updating firmware if serious bugs are found.

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If you want me I'll be down on Sound on Sound on Sound. I use them here and am very impressed both with their coverage and reliability, as well as their total configurability. If so, you may be surprised to know there's no benefit from that tactic. Your wireless is still detectable. The most important feature is the ability to configure the WiFi with the same options that Apple's Time Capsule offers, particularly access via MAC address only. And ideally what I get to replace it should have a Mac-friendly user interface or at leat a comprehensive manual that spells out all the features and exactly why I would want them - or not.

Multiple ethernet ports would be useful but it needs to have at least two because of where it will be physically located in relation to the rest of the network equipment in my house. Looks are unimportant because it will be positioned with all the other "set and forget" equipment under the stairs. The only thing is the interface - most routers have a web based interface which may be a less seamless experience than having a Mac dialog.

And they've all been easy to set up via a built in web server CS70's spot on on this. The wifi's have separately configurable credentials, and if you trust trend micro, there's some nifty QoS and other treats. Restricting MAC addresses might buy you some time but seriously, if someone wants in, they're going to get in. If you're worried about data loss or intrusion, encrypt at the transport layer or below, but once someone's in, your toast anyway.