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The Finder is a whole lot less annoying about it, which is nice—plugging an iPhone into a Mac would automatically launch iTunes, even if all you wanted to do was charge your phone, but a Catalina Mac treats an attached iPhone a bit more like a USB drive. You can update, restore, and backup the device with a few clicks, much like you could before. Tabs are available for each kind of file that can be stored on your phone, condensing screens that were still separate in iTunes under Mojave—your sync settings and all the files available for syncing live in the same tab now.

Clicking the Sync Settings button in either app just kicks you back to the Finder. As with iTunes, Apple has made an admirable effort not to get rid of old functionality. Older, pre-iOS 13 iPhones and even old iPods can still be updated, wiped, and managed with Finder, just as they could in iTunes. You must login or create an account to comment. Andrew Cunningham. If you still want your library to look like it did in iTunes 4.

macOS 10.15 Catalina: The Ars Technica review

Music still rips CDs, even though almost no Catalina-compatible Macs actually shipped with an optical drive. Sharing iTunes libraries has been moved to the Sharing preference pane. You need to enable the iTunes MP3 store to see it, but it's still there. The Podcasts app looks a lot like the Music app in its sidebar and playback controls, but the content generally looks the same as the iPad app.

Some third-party channels in the TV app will let you download episodes for offline viewing, but you need to pay for the subscription through the TV app. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Importing iTunes Libraries from Mac. December 16th, 1.

How To Enhance iTunes with AppleScript

Join Date Dec Beans Importing iTunes Libraries from Mac I know similar questions have been asked before but I couldn't find a recent post describing how to move an iTunes library from a Mac to Ubuntu, which didn't refer to an App or script that doesn't seem available anymore. I'd like to import them all to my brand new Ubuntu Laptop - either to one App that can have multiple Libraries and handle all the kinds of Media I mentioned above, or to different Apps.

What's essential to me is that I don't loose: Metadata Ratings with half Stars Play Counts Last Played as well as that - at least the App that handles Music - is capable of complex intelligent Playlists, Playlist Folders and intelligent Playlists that refer to a folder. What's also important, but not essential is that I can import all my intelligent Playlists.

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This will spare me hours of work trying to recreate them. Bonus would be: a Play-Next-Playlist like iTunes' old DJ not the crappy "Next" it has now which I can feed from an intelligent Playlist, which refreshes automatically so it never ends and which displays the last few played songs along with the upcoming songs so I can rate them. I'm thankful for any tips.

Importing iTunes Libraries from Mac

Adv Reply. December 17th, 2. Join Date Jun Beans 5, Do you have hfsprogs installed? Which versin of Ubuntu are you using?

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You would at least need to install hfsprogs to access the Mac from Ubuntu using the command below:. December 18th, 3.

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  • So next I downloaded and played around with different audio players for ubuntu to see which would come closest to my needs. I rekon I will loose many playlists, AACs won't be imported, I'll loose half-stars-ratings and some other things will probably go wrong or get lost. But it will all be compensated by the warm feeling of finally being free from Apple.

    This space intentionally left blank because of the long table of contents over there on the right.

    While I'm writing about AppleScript iTunes playlists, here is a way to get a list of the iTunes playlist names:. I found this on another website sorry I don't remember its name, or I would link to it, but this AppleScript script gets a count of tracks in the current playlist because "the view property returns a reference to the selected playlist":.

    How To Increase Itunes Play Count (Change To Anything)

    How to play a track by number assuming you know the number of the track and playlist you want to play :. Here is a short collection of AppleScript iTunes volume commands. First, to get the current iTunes volume:. This command can be used to decrease the Mac system volume not the iTunes volume, but this is more or less related to iTunes AppleScript scripts :. If you prefer working with iTunes playlists by number which might be easier in a long, complicated script , you can search this way instead:.

    I couldn't find a great way to play radio stations out of the Radio Stations playlist that ships with iTunes, but I did find a workaround.