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Lightroom 5. After opening error message comes up saying module change created error. Changing module creates more error messages. Followed by crash. Basically nothing works, nothing accessible. Posted 2 years ago. All 7 Replies. Glenbo 81 Posts 11 Reply Likes. As far as I know, Adobe hasn't updated anything to work with High Sierra, It uses a completely new Disk format, which is why your photos are missing unless they are on an external? Submit Cancel. Sorry, but this is nonsense. Photos don't get missing because of the new disk format.

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They are still where they were, and Lightroom should still see them. I don't know about Lr 5. Clearly, you haven't read the readme with High Sierra, it is not a new file format, the entire disk drive is reformatted, so if LR isn't updated the disk is simply unreadable to the App! Yes, I read it and I understood it. What you say about unreadable disks is simply not true.

Lightroom only looks for images in folders, using simple folder paths. The underlying disk format has nothing to do with that. High Sierra's new disk format still shows you images in folders, and that is all what Lightroom needs. It turns out that Lr5. And the solution was what I suggested; reset the preferences.

See farther down this discussion. Besides, the OP wasn't talking about missing images in the first place. That was never his problem. BTW: did you actually read the link you gave above?

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That links says that older versions work, although there are some issues. None of these issues is about missing images or unreadable disks Suzi Conklin 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. WOW, holding the shift, option delete key while launching Lightroom 5 worked.

The "f" Key in Lightroom 5 Beta

Unfortunately I have to do this every time I open it, but will probably upgrade LR anyway. Ellis , Champion Posts Reply Likes. Here's what Victoria Bampton Lightroom Queen says about Cletus Lee 90 Posts 22 Reply Likes.

It should be noted that LR5. The solution is to update to LR6. And as such only Macs with an SSD are presently being converted to the new file system.

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The good news is 5. So we have to figure out why it's not working for you Thank you so much Victoria. I followed your link and deleted the pref file also deleted a couple of other pref files too for good measure, maybe foolhardy? After a few new welcome screens all photos back to normal. Let me show you some shortcuts that I use when I edit my photos that help me to speed up my editing time.

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Press the key while using a slider and it allows you to visually see what the slider is doing. I use this alot with the next two shortcuts. Copy development settings a dialogue will show up and you can select the setting you wish to include or exclude.

Keys for working with panels

It does well with the blacks on the white. But the exposure is usually off a little and so can be the highlights. Which is an easy fix. Shortcut: W — This key brings up white balance dropper which you use to click on anywhere on your screen to make a white balance selection.

Shortcut: N key I find this extremely useful when I have a group of similar photos that I want to compare. Shortcut: C — Compared two photos side by side. Shortcut: Y — Useful to see what you what your editing looks like compared to the original photo. Blue for under exposed, Red for over exposed.

Shortcut: Q Useful for removing blemishes on skin. Shortcut: M this will bring up the last used filter, pick a side of the screen and pull towards the centre.

Lightroom Tip: Quick and Easy Before/After View

Pressing the numerical keys 1 to 5 will tag your photos with a star rating. Pressing the 6 to 9 will assign a colour label to your photos. All red coloured photos could be for exporting for an album or blue labelled photos will be for the blog. Shortcut: Crtl — z Just like in your word processor this key combo allows you to undo the current edit. Once you get the get the hang of them , editing becomes a lot faster. How many of the above Lightroom keyboard shortcut do you use when you edit? Let me know if you I have missed any.

Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts 1. Display Shortucts Menu 2.